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A heritage assessment investigates a place under historic, social, aesthetic and technical values. Combined with the existing physical fabric, its rarity and ability to represent its type, the assessment determines a level of cultural heritage significance for the place. 

A heritage assessment will also often include an assessment of heritage curtilage (the physical area of the place which defines its significance).

Notable Assessment and Management Projects

  • Stockton Rifle Range

  • Boolaroo Main Street Study

  • Morisset Main Street Study 

  • Lorn Subdivision Heritage Guidelines 

  • Wallsend Brickworks Park 

  • Newcastle LEP Review (in association with Ecotecture) 

  • NSW Court Houses review (in association with Suters Architects) 

  • Civic Arcade, Newcastle 

  • Moolarben Coal Project, Ulan 

  • Ashton Coal Project, Campberwell

  • Lake Macquarie City LGA Thematic History