Heritas Architecture consults to a variety of clients in the field of heritage conservation architecture. Our clients include local councils, religious organisations, other architects and private clients. We work in conjunction with historians, archaeologists, and other design and technical professionals experienced in heritage structures. 

Heritas Architecture is committed to providing a valuable service to our clients, one that encompasses straightforward advice related to heritage places. 


Heritas Architecture is a member of the following: 

  • Australian Institute of Architects

  • The Association for Preservation Technology

  • ICOMOS Australia

  • Hunter Heritage Network

  • Heritage Canada

Linda Babic

Registered Architect NSW ARB 6869, AIA, M.ICOMOS, APT
B.A., B.Arch., M.Herit.Cons

119a Elder Street, Lambton, NSW 2299 mail@heritas.com.au  |  Tel: 0412 993 813

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